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Instagram: One Year Later

Instagram: One Year Later

One year ago today, at 12:30am, we launched Instagram to the world. To say we’re amazed by what has happened since would be an understatement. Nearly 50,000 people sign up each and every day to become part of the world’s most vibrant photo community – creating a catalog of imagery that allows us to explore the world in ways never thought possible.

Instagram has opened up a view to the world that has allowed for greater transparency, closer connections, and increased awareness of the world around us. We’ve seen people take pictures of proposals, marriages, new babies, world events, riots, and vigils. The dream we had before we launched was that one day we’d be able to pull out Instagram and flip through images of the world happening around us. We never knew that it would happen so fast – and for that we feel both humbled by the past and encouraged by the years to come.

One poignant lesson we’ve learned is that small teams can accomplish big things. It’s no secret that we’re hiring talented people, though we only have three engineers. I’m particularly proud of the sheer volume and intensity of work both Mike (@mikeyk) and Shayne (@shayne) have put into building Instagram; the sleepless nights tackling big problems of scale and imaging science are too many to count. I’m also amazed to watch the endless efforts of Josh (@josh) & Jess (@jayzombie) to improve and nurture the awesome community that we’re so lucky to have. And Oli’s (@oliryan) determination to grow our team day in and out is inspiring. We’re excited to see our team grow, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people leading the charge.

That being said, we also realize that we stand on the shoulders of all the folks who have come before us. It’s particularly timely because of the passing of Steve Jobs, without whom Instagram would never have come into being. Every snapshot you take with Instagram is possible because of the hard work of timeless innovators at Apple, Amazon and all the engineers who have contributed to the open source projects that are the backbone of our daily efforts.

Looking forward, we see a great deal of potential ahead. We see 10 million users as simply the beginning of something very special – and we’re excited to have you all along for the ride. Thanks for all your support.

CEO, Instagram

Innovative Uses of Instagram

The Vaccines – Wetsuit Instagram Video
The indie rock band The Vaccines asked their fans to submit their summer music festival photos through Instagram using the hashtag #vaccinesvideo for a chance to be featured in their new video. The result is an entirely crowdsourced video loaded with Instagram photos.
Instagram Wheatpaste
Philadelphia artists Casey Catelli and Mike Smith wanted to do something special with the Instagram photos of Philadelphia they’d captured over the past year. On his blog, Mike says:
It was so awesome to see the many places and faces we’ve encountered over the past year blown up into 8″ squares and especially all together on an 8′ x 4′ panel in the streets. Tons of awesome friends, artists, galleries, logos, music venues, graffiti, skylines, bridges and City Hall photos made it in there.
Instagram in Central Park – Black Eyed Peas
Instagram photos were projected in front of 60,000 people in Central Park last week for the Black Eyed Peas concert hosted by Robin Hood NYC. Using the Instagram API, the organization worked with HD MADE to live stream fan photos from the benefit concert. Instagram was also used to show the Golden Ticket winner, a mom who got a chance to sit on stage with her three young sons for an epic concert.
Know of any other creative uses of Instagram? Reblog this and let us know so we can feature them here!


We found some amazing photos that use Hudson, one of the new filters that was created by popular Instagram user Cole Rise for Instagram v2.0, for the third installment of our hash-tagged filter feature. You can check out more images posted under the #hudson tag from Profile > Search Instagram > Tags.
Be sure to tag your Valencia-filtered photos with #valenciathe final of our four blog posts on the new v2.0 filters, for a chance to be featured here next week, and be sure check out the highlighted photos taken with #amaro & #rise!

What’s New in V2.0.1

Good news! Instagram v2.0.1 is now available in the App Store! This release is a minor update from 2.0 that fixes many of the main issues that users reported, but also includes some big new features as well:
Better Location Support for Photos
We’ve heard loud and clear that users want better location support in Instagram. Today, we’re releasing two major upgrades to location support:
1) Photos imported from your library
When you import a photo from your library to share on Instagram, we’ll suggest a list of places near where the photo was taken (if location was recorded at the time of taking). Here’s an example of how this works:
  • Take a photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  • Fly home to New York City
  • In NYC, import your Eiffel Tower photo to Instagram
  • Tap on “Where?” to choose a location for the photo
  • The locations will list the Eiffel Tower and other nearby places in Paris
2) Photos taken in Instagram
When you take a photo with Instagram, we’ll save the location information in the original and filtered files of your photo on your phone. How this works:
  • Take a photo in Instagram
  • Upload the photo
  • The high-res version of the photo is saved to your camera roll with geo information
This means you can use a service like Apple’s Photo Stream to browse all your high-resolution Instagram photos on a world map. Currently, we do not send this information with images you upload, though this may change in the future. Read more about how this feature works in our help center.
Revamped Earlybird and Brannan Filters
Beginning in v2.0, the Earlybird and Brannan filters were accidentally altered. Thanks to the sharp eye of many of you we were able to catch this quickly. We’ve completely re-written the filters to act much more like the originals. Although we altered some filters intentionally, we’ve heard feedback on some filters (like Toaster) and are working hard on bridging the gap between old and new versions of these filters. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received on filters – we’re excited to improve on and introduce new filters in future releases.
Tilt-shift has softer cutoff
We noticed the blur on tilt-shift in v2.0 was more intense when applied after capture. In v2.0.1, we’ve made the tilt-shift preview consistent between screens and less intense.  We still have a bit of work ahead of us before tilt-shift is perfect, but we are planning on releasing another update after this one to address those issues.
Tap to choose filters
We heard feedback from users that the filter picker in v2.0 made it difficult to compare between filters. In this release, you can just tap on a filter to select it, the same way you had in previous versions. The filter picker no longer has infinite scroll.
Fix for sending filter information to third-party sites
When you view your photos on third-party sites such as web.stagram.com, you’ll be able to see what filter was used on the photo
Bug fix for black images
We fixed a bug where tilt-shifted photos would upload as black squares. If you continue to see this problem please let us know.
Save filter photo bug fixed
We fixed a bug where filtered photos would fail to save to the camera library even when the “save filtered photo” setting was turned on.
Other small bug fixes and improvements
Go here to download the update


Photos by tylerturtle, joey, rowdydugan, bexfinch, financedepartment, carlsturgess, taerizz, peteradams, favro & akhravi.
You can find more #fromwhereibike photos on the tag page (Profile > Search Instagram > Tags). And if you want to add a photo to the collection, include #fromwhereibike in a comment on your photo — just don’t forget to wear a helmet when snapping your shot & whatever you do, don’t drop your iPhone!
Which hashtag should we feature next? Reblog this post and let us know!

Recap: September InstaMeets

From Hong Kong to Madrid, Instagrammers got together this month to go on photowalks and meet up with other photo-loving folks in their hometowns. The Instagram crew in Italy even organized a country-wide meetup where over 100 Instagrammers got together to meet and snap photos! Check out some photos from this month’s InstaMeets below.
Want to join in on an InstaMeet? On October 26, join other Instagrammers in your hometown for the third Worldwide InstaMeet. The Instagram Meetup community now has over 3,000 Instagrammers signed up in over 600 cities. If you want to attend a meetup in your area, just go to meetup.com/instagram to connect with Instagrammers in your hometown, and don’t forget to check out our InstaMeets page for tips on getting started.
Did your city have an InstaMeet? We’d love to hear about it! Drop us a note at instameet[at]instagram.com to let us know how it went, and we’ll feature it on our blog next month!
Chicago InstaMeet
Madrid InstaMeet
Hong Kong InstaMeet
InstaMeet Italia
Photos by chicagomatt, mknight7, ming_hui, igers & igersitalia

Instagram Engineering: Sharding & IDs at Instagram

Nerd alert! Co-founder Mike Krieger reveals how we’re scaling at Instagram. Be sure to follow our Engineering blog for more updates! You know … if you’re into that sort of thing.
With more than 25 photos & 90 likes every second, we store a lot of data here at Instagram. To make sure all of our important data fits into memory and is available quickly for our users, we’ve begun to shard our data—in other words, place the data in many smaller buckets, each holding a part of…

Occupy Wall Street

 Since September 17th members of Occupy Wall Street have been living and protesting in the streets of New York City, referring to their occupancy as a protest for American revolution.
We’ve been watching this story unfold on Instagram. Photos tagged #occupywallstreet show protestors and police, celebrities who have come to show support as well as the sleeping arrangements for the 200 people who have taken up indefinite residency in Zuccotti Park. The photos that have been shared provide first hand accounts of the event as they’re happening.

Photos by sof_ckingcliche, beckergram, sionfullana, djmilbrand, kooisme, idoyany, lukekingma, freshpaint, mophoapp, bridif, lakepalin, jmedina22, jonarc, tigerbeatshelserkin & anastone.


Check out these photos that use Rise, one of the new filters that was named after and created by popular Instagram user Cole Rise for Instagram v2.0. You can check out more images posted under the #rise hashtag from Profile > Search Instagram > Tags.
Be sure to tag your photos taken with any of the remaining two new filters (#hudson #valencia) for a chance to be featured on our blog over the course of the next two weeks, and click here in order see featured photos taken with #amaro from the first of four blog posts on the new filters.

Be Our 7th

With the addition of Jess and Oli, the Instagram team has grown from 4 people to 6. But we still have 4 empty desks, and we just announced that the Instagram community has surpassed 10 million members, so we’re looking to expand our team!
We’re looking for extraordinary engineers and designers who want to help us build and scale one of the fastest growing companies in the social web. You can read about what we’re looking for in candidates on our Jobs page, but first we wanted to share a few photos with you to introduce ourselves and show you what it’s like to work at Instagram. Take a look through our photos, check out our Jobs page, and send us your resume. Oli, our people/recruiting guy, will be in touch if it sounds like you’d be a good fit!

@mikeyk and @kevin, Instagram co-founders

@shayne, Engineer

@josh, Community + Partnerships

@jayzombie, Community Evangelist

@oliryan, Recruiting

Shayne, Kevin and Oli on the way to the food truck lot, just down the street from our office

One of our favorite food trucks

Our office is dog friendly. This is Fred.

Healthy treats: bacon popcorn

And camera cookies!

One of the services that uses our API, Stickygram, sent us Instagram magnets!
Want to join the team? Check out the Jobs page and then drop us a note — we’re excited to hear from you!

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